Choosing A Beer Of The Month Club

A Beer Of The Month Club is an easy and inexpensive gift for the person who has everything.  Below is a comparison of three of the more popular clubs out there. Each of these clubs ships you twelve, 12-oz bottles of hard to find microbrewed beer from around the country. You receive 4 different styles each month (3 bottles of each style).  Check out the comparisons and if you are interested click their logo to be directed to their website.

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Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Club
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Gourmet Monthly Clubs – The Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Club

Of all of these clubs I find this one to be the most compelling. Unlike the other clubs this one offers the best range of choices and prices. They offer a free newsletter with each shipment that details each featured beer and suggests glassware and food pairings.  A very unique feature of this club is the ability to reorder your past favorites whenever you want. This is great if you’ve found something you like and 3 is not enough.

One last thing I HAVE to mention; Rare Beer of the Month club. I would like some rare beers please.

  • Domestic Only: $22.95/month
  • Domestic and International: $28.95/month
  • International Only: $32.95/month
  • Rare (2 750ml bottles/month): $31.95/month

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Clubs of America
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Clubs Of America – Beer Of The Month Club

This club also ships 12 microbrews per month but has the benefit of no minimum purchase. This means you can sign up for a 1-month subscription rather than 2. They also offer a free newsletter with each shipment and most importantly.. FREE SHIPPING.  If you love someone but aren’t sure for how long this might be a good club to go with.

  • 1 membership type: $36.95/month
  • Free shipping

Original Craft Beer Club
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The Original Craft Beer Club

This club probably offers the most in terms of schwag with your subscription. New members receive 3 gifts (bottle opener, glasses, gourmet peanuts) and once again.. FREE SHIPPING. This club also has been endorsed heavily from many different angles such as Good Morning America, and Stephen Colbert. Like Clubs of America they also only have one membership type and they are the most expensive of the three.

  • 1 membership type: $37.75
  • Free shipping