Brewing with malt extract

vintage malt extract
Use something newer than this in your beer!

Using malt extract is a quick an easy way to get started with homebrewing. Malt extract can come in dry powder form or in cans. Both smell just wonderful and both can make an unbelievable mess if you’re not careful. Malt extract is basically sugar that you will boil with water and then add yeast to. The yeast will eat the sugar and output alcohol and carbon dioxide. You will in turn eat the alcohol and carbon dioxide and become THE GREATEST PERSON WHO EVER LIVED.

The canned variety of malt extract will usually be geared towards whatever style of beer you are making. Want to make a pale ale? There’s a can for that. Want to make a stout? You guessed it, there’s a can for that too.

Dry malt extract typically comes in sealed plastic bags and more closely matches particular grain styles. For example there are pale ale malts and munich malts and so on which allow you to customize your recipe a bit more than the canned recipes. Dry malt is unbelievably dry in that it will suck water out of the air, stick to your skin and basically get over everything if you’re not careful. Do yourself a favor and DON’T OPEN THE BAG UNTIL RIGHT BEFORE YOU DUMP IT IN THE POT!

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