Beer Brewing Basics

Droplet of beer

Brewing beer is as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.  Let’s start with cheap and simple. I’ll help you learn what basic home brewing equipment you need to get started.

  1. Purchase a beer brewing kit and recipe kit (see below).
  2. Get a large pot for boiling your beer. You might already have one lying around the house. It doesn’t matter if it’s stainless steel or aluminum or one of those weird crab pots. It just needs to be large enough to hold your boil.
  3. Start boiling your water and add in your malt extract.
  4. Boil for an hour and enjoy the sweet sweet aroma that fills your kitchen.
  5. Cool your ‘wort’ (what you just boiled, pronounced ‘wert’) in your sink by setting the pot in an ice bath.
  6. Once your wort has cooled to about 80 degrees (metric users, go figure it out) dump it into your bucket and add water up to the 5 gallon mark.
  7. Dump in your yeast and mix it all up with a sanitized spoon.
  8. Put the cover on the bucket with its airlock, stick the bucket somewhere cozy around 70 degrees. I recommend a laundry tub if possible.
  9. Giggle fiendishly as the fermentation begins around 6 hours later and continues for several days.
  10. Let the beer sit and ferment for 3-4 weeks and then bottle it.
  11. About 1.5 weeks later drink said beer. If you wake up the next day in a dumpster wearing nothing but a tool-belt, hard-hat, and one sock you probably made too powerful of a beer and need to scale it back next time.

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