Getting Serious About Hops

Are you a hop head? Do you love opening a beer and being served with a wonderful bouquet of flowers up your right nostril? Hops are a key ingredient to your homebrew and if you love making IPA’s then you should know as much about them as possible.

Here are a sampling of books that will help you clear up any mysteries regarding this wonderful plant.

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Beer School

Starting a nanobrewery is not as hard as it used to be. The resources are there, and many others have paved the way for you to get started. The following books are excellent reads on getting started.

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Drink Like A Viking

Brothers! It’s time for us to cast aside our puny glasses and drink like the vikings we are!  No longer will there be any doubt of our manly manliness as we sit in our yards and sup from glorious goat horns!

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Russians are always funny

Mean old russianI hate the cold and I hate ice-cold beer, however I like a good battle of one-upsmanship. I’ve never heard of this Falcon beer but then again there are lots of things I haven’t heard of.  I was looking for ‘funny russian beer commercials’ in youtube and this is one of the better ones I found.


Sapporo Owning It

The devil taketh you!I don’t know a single person that actively seeks out Sapporo but I guess it’s not all that bad. I’ll order one when I go to  Benihana’s mostly because all their other selections are domestic ass-water.

This commercial definitely hits a sweet spot with certain beer snobs I’ve met though. I’ll also admit this battle goes on in my head.


Fantastic Commercial With A Twist!

The taste wont come out!
The taste wont come out!

This is the first I’ve heard of Big Rock Brewery and I was happy as hell that I found it on Reddit.  I kind of had an idea with how the story was going to go but it does indeed have a twist ending in a master stroke. tee hee!

Big Rock Brewery is located in Alberta Canada which means I wont get to them anytime soon. However they look like they have their act together.

The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery

WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery
Awesome Tech but WTF?

I’m really torn on the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery. It’s very shiny and does many fancy things but at its soul I think it might be a Mr. Beer on steroids.

The WilliamsWarn advertises that you can have perfect beer in 7 days. Their system is basically a sealed cooking pot,  conical fermenter, bright tank, and serving tank all in one. You put your extract in and cook it up and then from there you seal it up and the machine takes it from there. It ferments under pressure and by the time your beer is finished fermenting, it’s also ready to pour and serve out of the built-in tap system. The tank also has built-in heating and cooling so your fermentation temperature as well as serving temperature is automatically managed.

The video is definitely worth a watch, and their Media Pack has a great breakdown of their system, but some… strange notions regarding the necessity of maturing beers. If you’re a homebrewer you’ll probably wonder who in the hell would buy this thing at $6000. Let me say it again:


So I wont be buying one until I get my Rocket Surgeon degree but it’s definitely got something special going on.

Link: WilliamsWarn

Choosing A Beer Of The Month Club

A Beer Of The Month Club is an easy and inexpensive gift for the person who has everything.  Below is a comparison of three of the more popular clubs out there. Each of these clubs ships you twelve, 12-oz bottles of hard to find microbrewed beer from around the country. You receive 4 different styles each month (3 bottles of each style).  Check out the comparisons and if you are interested click their logo to be directed to their website.

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Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Club
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Gourmet Monthly Clubs – The Microbrewed Beer Of The Month Club

Of all of these clubs I find this one to be the most compelling. Unlike the other clubs this one offers the best range of choices and prices. They offer a free newsletter with each shipment that details each featured beer and suggests glassware and food pairings.  A very unique feature of this club is the ability to reorder your past favorites whenever you want. This is great if you’ve found something you like and 3 is not enough.

One last thing I HAVE to mention; Rare Beer of the Month club. I would like some rare beers please.

  • Domestic Only: $22.95/month
  • Domestic and International: $28.95/month
  • International Only: $32.95/month
  • Rare (2 750ml bottles/month): $31.95/month

[important]BONUS! $10 off on a prepaid 12-month subscription. Use promo code: GMC$10[/important]

Clubs of America
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Clubs Of America – Beer Of The Month Club

This club also ships 12 microbrews per month but has the benefit of no minimum purchase. This means you can sign up for a 1-month subscription rather than 2. They also offer a free newsletter with each shipment and most importantly.. FREE SHIPPING.  If you love someone but aren’t sure for how long this might be a good club to go with.

  • 1 membership type: $36.95/month
  • Free shipping

Original Craft Beer Club
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The Original Craft Beer Club

This club probably offers the most in terms of schwag with your subscription. New members receive 3 gifts (bottle opener, glasses, gourmet peanuts) and once again.. FREE SHIPPING. This club also has been endorsed heavily from many different angles such as Good Morning America, and Stephen Colbert. Like Clubs of America they also only have one membership type and they are the most expensive of the three.

  • 1 membership type: $37.75
  • Free shipping

Kegerators, Keezers, and Homebrew, Oh My!

If you’ve already decided to start kegging and have stowed your cornelius keg in a bland old refrigerator, it’s really time you start thinking about a Kegerator.

I’ve seen them called Kegerators, Keezers, and just plain old Keg Refrigerators. What it really boils down to is a refrigerator or chest freezer with a special temperature controller that shuts the fridge/freezer on an off for a desired temperature. External taps and a drip tray are mounted on the outside Here are a few of the homemade Kegerators I’ve seen that just deserve a second look.

All these geniuses deserve a lot of credit for putting together systems that look awesome. I know that if I decided to undertake this project it would come in significantly over-budget and look like a completely ruined refrigerator!

On the other side of the spectrum, you can just go ahead and buy a Kegerator and get to serving your friends and family  right away. This is probably what I’m going to do once I get around to it. I don’t have the time or energy to handle building one myself let alone what a sub-standard build would do to my delicate ego.

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