Brewing System or Brewing Equipment Kit

Slow down there super guy. Let’s get through the intro first!

There are two ways to go when starting to brew your own beer (or if purchasing a gift), brewing systems or brewing equipment kits.

Brewing Systems

Brewing systems are an easy way to try out homebrewing. These usually consist of a small keg-like container that you ferment your beer in.  These are relatively inexpensive and a quick way to start making your own beer right away.

My first homebrew was done in a Mr. Beer and that was fine. I’ve moved on since then but looking now I see a very interesting device called The Beer Machine. I almost wish I were starting out all over again so I could try one of these out. This thing has way more features than what I expected such as a C02 input to carbonate and dispense your beer, gauges on the outside to determine pressure, and a tap handle for direct dispensing.

The nicest part of a brewing system is that it takes up a tiny amount of space compared to brewing kits. If you are living in a small apartment or dorm, this is a good place to start your brewing empire until you are ready to upgrade.

If you looking for a beer gift for someone that has everything. The Beer Machine is a good place to start.

Brewing Equipment Kit

If there is no question in your mind that you are going to brew beer for a long time then it might be wise to start with an equipment kit. Equipment kits generally consist of two large vessels (2 buckets or 1 bucket and 1 glass carboy), cleaning supplies, tubing, measuring equipment, and sometimes an included recipe. These kits are the first steps toward brewing greatness. This is what you want to get if you expect to get anything serious done in the future.

Brewing equipment kits do require more space and time than brewing systems but you do get an increase in beer quality and quantity (5 gallons!)

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